Yarmouth Nova Scotia 4-H Shows 4-H Colour Pride

Yarmouth Nova Scotia 4-H Shows 4-H Colour Pride - Show Your 4-H Colours

Nestled in the South West end of Nova Scotia, Yarmouth County is home to 100 4-H members, 15 Cloverbuds, and 20 dedicated 4-H Leaders. Members in Yarmouth County take part in a variety of projects. Dairy and Sheep are among the favourites.

This year, Yarmouth has two 4-H Clubs, however, they are well-known for being very county-oriented. Yarmouth County Days are held in mid-July and are a combined joint Achievement Day and Pro Show Selection event. This weekend-long event is a great community affair, with games, a BBQ, a live auction, and the locally-famous ‘Politician-Pie-in-the-Face’, where they auction off the opportunity to throw a pie in a local Politician’s face.

Yarmouth County 4-H’ers are proud to call Yarmouth their home. From its abundance of locally owned small businesses to its beautiful shoreline and inland lakes to its coastal islands, used to pasture hundreds of sheep, Yarmouth is the perfect place to learn to do by doing.

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