It’s all about the journey!

It's all about the journey! - Show Your 4-H Colours

Cathy’s story

I loved my years as a 4-H member of Napan 4-H Club! My club introduced me to an entirely new community and I had the opportunity to travel provincially, regionally, nationally and internationally. These years were before social media so eventually the letter writing subsided and I lost touch with many of my 4-H friends – but I hold great memories. I moved to the city, worked for a large food company and became immersed in my work and home life. Then my children decided they wanted to join Shu-Mil 4-H Club, which introduced me to another great community. And despite often feeling that I am too busy to participate, 4-H continues to draw me back. I realize that until members get the opportunity to experience the workshops, conferences and trips, it is difficult to appreciate how inspiring it is to come together to learn. My goal is to encourage youth to participate and take advantage of the many opportunities that 4-H offers! We are often surprised by the opportunities that present, such as my best 4-H memory – the Canadian International Holidays 1985 European Tour!

4-H in Paris

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