How 4-H Made Me the Person I Am Today

How 4-H Made Me the Person I Am Today - Show Your 4-H Colours

4-H has been a huge part of my life since I first joined when I was just nine years old. Older members helped bring me out of my shell and created the extrovert I am today. 4-H has opened more doors for me than I can count and I will be forever grateful. I have made countless friends throughout the province thanks to provincial, regional, district, and club events.

4-H helped grow my passion by exposing me to the many opportunities within the agriculture sector while displaying the important role agriculture plays in feeding a growing population. Being able to speak confidently in front of a crowd is a rare skill to find in people however it is a skill found in every single 4-H’er. In my opinion this is the greatest skill 4-H gave me, it has allowed me to stand out both in class and in the job world. I will always be thankful for the skills that 4-H gave but were not limited to team building skills, budget planning, project planning, problem solving, leadership, community engagement, and the importance of community service. What makes 4-H special are the committed leaders at the grassroots level that want to help shape our youth into the leaders of tomorrow. I will be forever grateful of the skills and passion 4-H gave me and I hope to give back to 4-H in some capacity.

Grade 9 students from St.Anthony’s, DVSS, Wheatland Crossing, and Carbon schools gathered at the Badlands Community Facility (BCF) in Drumheller on Saturday, May 12, 2018 for Impact Day. This event was created to show an in-depth scenario of a vehicle collision.
The event was organized by the Drumheller and Area Asset Development Coalition with the support of the Drumheller Fire Department, RCMP, EMS, Alberta Health Services (AHS), Dr. Ram of Riverside Medical, Big Country Victim Services, Courtney Winters Funeral Home and all volunteers and sponsors. (Photo by Terri Huxley/The Drumheller Mail)

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