Give Back

The Show Your 4-H Colours Give Back Drive challenges the 4-H community to “give back” both by helping the environment and by supporting 4-H.

All clubs across Canada are invited to organize an eRecycling community collection event in November and sign up online via our crowdfunding platform to promote their event and collect donations for 4-H.

Members are encouraged to ask their friends, families and neighbours to contribute to the drive, either by providing their old electronics for recycling or making a donation to support 4-H. Donations received will be distributed between the club, the provincial organization and the Canadian 4-H Foundation.

Throughout the drive, 4-H members will be developing their communications skills while also learning about the importance of electronics recycling.

Please note electronic recycling programs differ per province. In Alberta there is a separate program and clubs will be directed to the Alberta 4-H Foundation Recycling initiative to organize an event.

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Register your club to participate

When you register your club to participate in the Give Back Drive, you're given access to 4-H Canada's crowdfunding platform, fundraising materials, and an eRecycling collection event kit to support you in gathering electronics and donations to give back to the environment and 4-H. 

Rewards are available to 4-H members who hit fundraising targets to further incent participation.

Only volunteer leaders are eligible to sign up their clubs for the Give Back Drive. Clubs must be in good standing with their provincial organization to participate. You will be asked to create an online donation and event page and note the number of participating members in the club, as well as the date and location of your eRecycling Collection Event.

Recycle your electronics

When old electronics end up in landfills, they pose significant environmental, human health and security risks. Recycle My Electronics helps to recover the valuable resources contained within our smartphones and old electronics and ensure the eWaste is handled in a safe, secure and environmentally sound manner.

As a digitally connected society, Canadians are major producers of eWaste, and we wanted to engage 4-H’ers and educate them on the importance of recycling electronics.

Information on 4-H eRecycling events in your area will be available in October 2019.

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Make a donation to 4-H

Donations made to the campaign will benefit all levels of the 4-H movement in Canada.

Clubs receive 50% of the donations collected, 20% is provided to the provincial 4-H association, and 30% goes to the Canadian 4-H Foundation to ensure the legacy of 4-H in Canada. 

  • Progress towards our $100,000 goal